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we are passionate about combining cutting-edge technology

with financial expertise to empower traders worldwide. With years of experience in MQL coding and a deep understanding of the forex market, our team is committed to delivering innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on our dedication to excellence, integrity, and client satisfaction, ensuring that every project we undertake exceeds expectations.

A few things we’re great at

We prioritize building long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and exceptional service.

Expertise in MQL Coding

With a team of skilled developers proficient in MQL (MetaQuotes Language), Provectus excels in crafting customized solutions for MetaTrader platforms.(MT4 and MT5 as well)

Performance Optimization

Our primary goal is to optimize the performance of our clients’ trading activities. Whether it’s improving trade execution speed, enhancing signal accuracy, or reducing resource consumption.

Commitment & Assurance

We adhere to stringent quality assurance processes throughout the development lifecycle, conducting rigorous testing and validation to ensure that our solutions meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

Innovation and Adaptation

We stay abreast of the latest technologies, and market developments to continuously innovate and adapt our MQL coding services. we empower our clients with cutting-edge solutions.

The secret of success

Our success stems from a combination of factors that set us apart in the industry. Our specialization in crafting tailored MQL coding solutions exclusively for the forex market ensures that we deliver precise and effective strategies designed for traders’ success.


Specializes in crafting tailored MQL coding solutions exclusively for the forex market, ensuring precise and effective strategies


Prioritizes understanding each client’s unique requirements, fostering trust, and consistently delivering solutions.

Ai Innovation

Providing traders with advanced tools and strategies that utilize machine learning algorithms for improved performance in the dynamic forex market.


With a commitment to responsiveness, transparency, and professionalism, we provide exceptional customer support, ensuring a seamless experience.

Our Outstanding EAs

Here are a few EAs that will give you outstanding performance and are accepted by major forex brokers.

Bow and Arrow

This EA is for Gold which gives 80% ROI for your Investment. Time frame will be one hour. Suits for Individuals.


It places plenty of orders in a day and suits for IBs. Individual traders who having rebates can try this on their account.

Expert Profit Pro

We also created an EA for Stocks and Index. You can catch some huge rallies in stocks & Index in a weekly timeframe.

JPY Magnet

This EA only works in JPY pairs. Can expect 10-20% in a month. if you trade in daily time frame.


Several premium EAs for auto trading are distributed globally

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Working with Provectus FX has been a game-changer for my trading journey. Their expert advisors have significantly improved my trading efficiency, allowing me to execute trades with precision and confidence. I highly recommend their services to any forex trader looking to take their trading to the next level.


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Provectus FX exceeded my expectations with their custom indicator development. The indicators they created provided invaluable insights into market trends, helping me make more informed trading decisions. Their attention to detail and dedication to quality are unmatched. I’m incredibly satisfied with the results!”


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I’ve been impressed with Provectus FX’s commitment to innovation. Their incorporation of AI technologies into their coding solutions has revolutionized my trading strategies, allowing me to adapt to changing market conditions more effectively. Their solutions truly stand out in the crowded forex market.”


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I can’t thank Provectus FX enough for their exceptional customer support. From the initial consultation to post-delivery assistance, their team has been responsive, knowledgeable, and professional every step of the way. It’s rare to find such dedication to client satisfaction in today’s market.”


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Provectus FX’s script creation services have streamlined my trading workflow immensely. The custom scripts they developed automate repetitive tasks and save me valuable time, allowing me to focus more on analyzing market trends and refining my trading strategies. I’m extremely impressed with their expertise and efficiency.


Company name

I approached Provectus FX with a complex trading strategy, and they delivered beyond my expectations. Their team took the time to understand my requirements and provided personalized solutions that perfectly aligned with my goals. Their professionalism and attention to detail are commendable. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking tailored MQL coding solutions.”


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Our Team

At Provectus FX, our team consists of dedicated professionals who are passionate about empowering traders with innovative MQL coding solutions. With a blend of expertise in forex trading and technical proficiency in MetaTrader platforms, our team works tirelessly to deliver personalized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Meet the talented individuals behind Provectus FX who are committed to excellence and client satisfaction.

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